Hinduism and Four Folds of Life.


What is Hinduism?

Hinduism is a religion or Dharma or better described as a way to life. Hindus are the people who follow Hinduism, they believe in four folds of life to achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The followers trust in eternal truth and reality. There are 1.25 billion followers of the Hindu religion that consists of almost 16% of the global population. It is one of an ancient religion with a third-largest disciple in the world.


This is the one religion which beliefs in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Hinduism is all about openness and divinity in all. The only key of Hinduism is ‘Atma” that is the soul. The body is disposable but the soul is immortal. The concept of Karma that is the universal law of cause and effect comes from Hinduism.

Hinduism and folds of life
Hindu Hermits aka Sadhu

Four Folds of Life in Hinduism:

1. To Achieve Dharma

To act according to your virtue righteously. Hindu religion believes in the good deed that is not a selfish act. It includes your actions, words, and thoughts.

Folds of life: Dharma
Dharma: Act at your virtue

2. To Achieve Artha

To provide you and your family with enough material assets to live on. This means that one should do work that will serve society and will provide a living to his/her family.

Folds of life: Aarta
Arta: Earn for your living

3. To Achieve Kama

To achieve a desire for pleasure. It is important for a Human to fulfil his desires with enjoyment. Living a life without any jolly is empty and hollow, but one should not involve themselves with lust, greed, sloth and overindulgence.

Folds of Life: Kama
Kama: Endure your desires

4. To Achieve Moksha

To finally go into liberation of your soul. Moksha in Hinduism has a very special place and considered to be the final folds of life. It literally means freedom from the cycle of life and death.

Folds of life: Moksha
Moksha: Liberation of soul

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