Our Mission


India, a country filled with colour, culture, and tradition. It sounds fascinating to know that India has unity among diversity, doesn’t it? But not every aspect of India is out in open. Our mission is to bring every small detail, cultural activities, traditional rituals to you. A second most populated country with nine different religions, with people speaking more than 22 languages and celebrating more than 100 of festivals has many hidden facts that will astonish you.

How we will attain our mission?

We will write about every small yet significant fact about Indian culture, festivals, ritual practices, and tourist attractions in India. This will bring everything face to face that happens in the small heart of Indians. It will tell you why faith is bigger than anything in Indians’ life and how they thrive every day to keep their faith in the hardest time. We want to be your eyes to Indian culture.

What are our goals?

Every culture has its own beauty and the whole world out there wants to know about some culture and the beauty of that culture. Indian culture happens to be one of the famous yet misunderstood cultures sometimes. So our goal is to bring everything forward in a beautiful way.

What will we be posting here?

The first thing that we promise you to is Update. This page will be posting updates about the latest festivals and their beliefs. We will be posting about Hinduism which originated in India. We will be coming forward with the lives of people and their daily practices.

How you should understand us?

Well, if you’re here I suppose you wanted to know about India and about people here. So it is up to you however you please to understand us. But we want you to understand in better ways.

Why is there a page for Learn Hindi?

Hindi is one of the official languages of India and it is spoken widely among Indians. So if you wish to know a nation better, you should know their language. There is also a YouTube channel done by our Author Radha
If you wish to be bilingual and you have an interest in India, I think you’ve more than one reason to learn Hindi.





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